Frequently asked questions and answers


Answer: No. You pay via Swish or cash on departure.

Answer: We offer companies, associations and authorities to pay by invoice. There are no invoice charges. We also accept requisitions. Contact us for more information!

Answer: Normally, canoes and equipment are available on weekdays during the low season. For weekends, 1-2 weeks’ notice is required. During the high season (July – August), we are busier on both weekdays and holidays, so good planning is required.


Answer: For active paddling it is 12 years.

Answer: Paddling on the river Rönne is classified as easy to medium difficulty.

Answer: If you follow our instructions, the risk is very small. We have trained staff in canoeing, safety and technology.

Answer: There should be no problem. However, always consult a trained medical professional!

Answer: When paddling with us, life jackets are mandatory!

Answer: We welcome all family members! However, keep in mind that when paddling for several days it can be crowded as you mainly need the space of the canoe for packing. Unfortunately, we no longer have dog life jackets for rent due to hygiene reasons.

The 1-day tour Stockamöllan – Djupdalsmölla 12 km 4 hours.
2-day tour Stockamöllan – Herrevadskloster 28 km 9 hours.
The 3-day tour Stockamöllan – Forsmöllan 37 km 13 hours.

The 1-day tour Stockamöllan – Djupdalsmölla 12 km 4 hours. Private car(s), taxi.
2-day tour Stockamöllan – Herrevadskloster 28 km 9 hours. Private car(s), taxi, regional bus 518.
3-day tour Stockamöllan – Forsmöllan 37 km 13 hours. Private car(s), taxi, regional bus 518.

Answer: The tours on the Rönne river are arranged so that you paddle from A to B – it is therefore impossible to paddle against the current. However, the 1-day trip can be shortened by paddling a short distance and then returning. Contact us for more information.

Along the river Rönne

Answer: The camp sites along the Rönne river are Anderstorp (7#) (paddling day 1), Riseberga (#11) (paddling day 1 or 2) and Herrevadskloster (15#) (paddling day 2). All these campsites contain 2 shelters (8-10 people) (not Herrevadskloster which contains only 1 shelter), prepared fireplaces with grills, saw wood and axe. Dustbins, toilets and large areas for tent pitching. There are also adjacent parking lots for cars (not Riseberga #11). The campsites are public and their use is free of charge. Camps cannot be pre-booked. Each landowner/municipality is responsible for the campsites and their maintenance.

Answer: You can park at Anderstorp campsite (#7) (paddling day 1) and Herrevadskloster campsite (#15) (paddling day 2). At Anderstorp campsite there is an adjacent parking lot 400 meters away. Herrevadskloster has a directly adjacent parking lot. It is not possible to park at Riseberga campsite (#11).

Answer: Unfortunately, this possibility no longer exists. We offer water bottles (10 liters) that are filled in our premises with fresh drinking water before departure. This is at no extra cost. Feel free to bring smaller drinking bottles.

Answer: Along the Rönne river there are 2 mandatory lifts. These are Billingemölla (#2) 60 meters and Djupadalmsölla (#6) 100 meters. The lifts are equipped with paths.

Answer: You can easily order a fishing license and read more about what applies when it comes to fishing on the
iFiske’s website

Answer: No. The Rönne River has some branches (0-10 meters) where, after crossing, you come directly to the main river again.

Answer: For accommodation, see the question “What is available at and around the campsites”. Lyftet in Billingemölla (#2) has a prepared fireplace and bench. However, always take a disposable grill with you.

How to find us and what is here?

Answer: Yes, you can. Regional bus 518 operates along the route. See the following link for more information

Answer: If you rent a canoe and equipment from us, you are allowed to put in a private canoe – pre-registration is always required. However, the number of canoes is limited. Otherwise you will be directed 2 km to Gunnaröd (#1) which is the public drop-off point.

Answer: We have a long-term parking lot that is right behind our venue. Here you can park your car for a long time while you are out paddling. There is no extra charge for parking.

Answer: If you want to stay overnight before your departure, you do this at Gunnaröd campsite, about 2 km from Stockamöllan (see map). There is 1 shelter, prepared fireplaces, toilets and rubbish bins. It is not allowed to camp on our headland where we have our canoes and activities.


Answer: We have life jackets from 0 years and up (0-60 kg). These are equipped with a floating collar, reflectors, whistle and extra buoyancy. We also have wooden paddles for children.

Answer: We have life jackets from 0 years and up (0-60 kg). These are equipped with a floating collar, reflectors, whistle and extra buoyancy. We also have life jackets for adults 50-70 kg, sailing vests and XL vests 90 kg+.

Answer: A canoe trailer is a piece of equipment that can be rented to transport the canoe(s) during the mandatory lifts along the Rönne river.

Answer: We have canoes of different sizes. The maximum weight is 350 kg on all our canoes – but the maximum weight is only one of several factors to consider. Always remember to pack smart and take only what is necessary for the trip.

Answer: We recommend placing the child down on the floor of the canoe. Therefore, bring a seat pad. This way the child sits under the rail and with a low center of gravity.

Answer: If you only want to go on a day trip, you can sit a maximum of three adults or two adults and two small children (about 8 years old or younger) in the same canoe. Keep in mind that only two people have the space to perform active paddling in the canoe, while the rest sit as co-passengers. However, you can swap with each other during the journey. Don’t forget to specify how many people will be in the canoe at the time of booking.

Answer: The price includes the return transport of the equipment. Unfortunately, we cannot provide repatriation of persons.

As we have high demands on safety, we only use equipment from reputable manufacturers that can deliver the high quality we require.

We have a total of 64 operational canoes of varying models – from smooth and easy to paddle canoes to larger and wider models that load well with luggage for multi-day paddling. The brands range from Hasle, Wenonah to Coleman and are both 2- and 3-man with and without keel. The life jackets are mainly from Swedish Baltic and Linder and are of high quality and safety. Our paddles and canoe trailers are also supplied by Linder.

Contact us if you want to know more about the equipment we provide.

Unfortunately, we no longer have aluminum canoes in our fleet due to the difficulty of maintenance and the fact that they are better suited for sea paddling. The models we use are polyethylene canoes. The model is very durable and more compliant with e.g. than aluminum, and does not tend to stick to e.g. steel. the impact of large stones. To make our canoes even more durable, we regularly reinforce the keel and hull. Choosing polyethylene canoes keeps the weight down, increasing maneuverability and making them easier to paddle for beginners.


Answer: We sell gift cards. You can easily order here:
Gift card-Canoe rental

Answer: In 2019, the season runs from April 16 to October 1. The high season is in July and August. For pre and post season paddling, contact us for more information!