Drop in paddling

Not everyone can always plan activities in advance. If you are one of those who spontaneously thinks “now it would be fun with a paddle trip”, we will do everything to help you and your company out on the Rönne river.

Still open for the 2023 season for booked customers!

No drop in paddling this late in the season. We are only there for the start of booked customers.
If you need to get hold of us now, the fastest way is an SMS to +46790109109.

Do this!

You can always take the chance that there will be equipment available for you when you arrive. But just in case, go to our booking page and fill in your details there. The system will tell you if the item you are trying to select is full. If you get to the point where you can fill in your name, address, etc. Then there is free equipment for you.

An advantage of registering here is also that you will receive information and guides sent to you.

Check availability and book your canoes and kayaks here.

Here's how it works

Be sure to join us in Stockamöllan between 09.00 and 11.00. We are here every day from April to September.

You rent and pay for a canoe or kayak directly on site when you decide how long you want to spend out. Payment is via Swish or cash.

The price of the canoe rental is calculated for 2 people and includes – in addition to the canoe – 2 paddles, 2 life jackets, water bottles, a map and return transportation of the equipment. One day costs EUR 470, two days EUR 785 and three days EUR 940. All prices include VAT.

Paddle a stretch downstream and paddle back again. Or choose one of our regular routes. The easiest way for you is to use two cars; one to park at the start in Stockamöllan and one at the end station. At the end of the tour, all you have to do is think about yourself. We pick up the equipment you leave at one of the three designated sites.