Canoeing in Stockamöllan

From April to October we have a paddling season in Skåne. This is your chance to organize a different kind of family reunion, a cool friend activity, a popular corporate event or a really fun and exciting adventure day for the whole class.

A canoe trip on the Rönne River is an easy and affordable option for anyone who wants to get really close to nature. You paddle alone in a kayak or with a friend in a canoe for two. Rönne River – one of Skåne’s finest rivers – offers both calm waters and lively little rapids. Glide along at a slow pace, enjoying the chirping of birds and the beautiful, varied landscape surrounding the river. Stop along the river at one of the excellent places (for resting, lifting, sleeping, collecting), take a coffee break, have lunch in peace and quiet. Camp for a night or more.

We at Kanotcentralen in Stockamöllan make sure you have everything you need for a fantastic day out or a mini vacation of two or more days. Clear instructions, a friendly and courteous approach is what we are known for.