Different routes to paddle

Paddle one, two or 3 days!

Proposal for a canoe trip for 1 day;
470 kr for 2 people

Stockamöllan - Djupadalsmölla, 3-4 hours about 12 km.

For a one-day trip, we recommend choosing the most beautiful stretch of the river starting in Stockamöllan. In 3-4 hours you paddle about 12 kilometers and finish the tour in Djupadalsmölla.

Proposal for canoe trip 2 days;
785 kr for 2 people

Stockamöllan - Herrevadskloster, 9 hours about 28 km.

Option 1: 9 hours of paddling, about 28 km. After the start in Stockamöllan you paddle to Anderstorp (just after Djupadalsmölla) or Riseberga where you can camp. On day 2 you paddle on to Herrevadskloster or Forsmöllan where you finish the tour.

Djupadalsmölla - Herrevadskloster, 5 hours about 16 km.
Djupadalsmölla - Forsmöllan, 9 hours about 25 km.

Option 2: 5-9 hours of paddling, about 16-25 km. Start in Djupadalsmölla and stay overnight in Riseberga or Herrevadskloster. On day 2 you continue and finish the paddle in Herrevadskloster (16 km, 5 h) or Forsmöllan (25 km, 9 h).

Proposal for a canoe trip 3 days;
940 kr for 2 people

Stockamöllan - Forsmöllan, 13 hours about 37 km.

About 13 hours of paddling, 37 km: For a three-day paddle we suggest starting in Stockamöllan and staying overnight in Anderstorp (just after Djupadalsmölla) or in Riseberga. On day 2, you paddle to Riseberga or Herrevadskloster for another night. On day 3 you canoe to Forsmöllan.

All timings are approximate but serve as good guidelines for planning your trip.