Map pins for all important places along the Rönne river

How to use this page

Each heading below is a link to the respective place on Google Maps that points exactly to the different places that you will be interested in finding when you rent a canoe and paddle on the Rönne river.

This page is great for planning your canoe trip or for pulling up on your phone from time to time while canoeing. To easily see where you are in relation to rest stops or terminals. So you know that you haven’t paddled too far, how far you have to go and when you are in the right place.

The links will also help you find the right parking lot to park your car at the end of your trip.

The start in Stockamöllan

This is where you pick up your equipment.

Long-term parking in Stockamöllan

After unloading your gear, park your car here while you paddle.

The lift in Billingemölla

You get here after about 1-1.5 hours of paddling.

Parking in Djupadalsmölla

This is where you park your car and leave your canoes if you are going on a day trip. It is important not to park inside the farmhouse on the other side of the river.

Where you go ashore in Djupadalsmölla

You pick up your canoe on the right side after the car bridge. It is important that you do not go ashore at the farm as we do everything we can not to disturb them there. To finish your paddle here, follow the small path and put your canoes upside down in the parking lot.
If you’re paddling for more than a day, follow the trail along the river and put the canoes back in at the end of the trail.

Parking at Anderstorp campsite

The parking lot itself where you can stand as close to the rest area as possible. You park against the short side of the barn.

Anderstorp campsite

The first of two rest stops to choose from after the first day. The rest area is on the left side of the river.

Riseberga campsite

The second of two rest stops to choose from after the first day. The rest area is on the left side of the river.

Parking at the bridge in Riseberga

An extra end station if you want to keep the paddle short on the second day. You disembark on the right-hand side just before the car bridge.

The parking lot at the dog club in Herrevadskloster.

The final station when you have paddled day two.

The campsite in Herrevadskloster

At the wind shelter here, you go ashore if you want to finish the paddle or stay overnight to continue paddling.

Parking at Forsmöllan

At this final station you park your car and leave your canoe if you are going to paddle for two or three days.